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Workshop Fast Data & Streaming Plattform

Do you want to learn about Fast Data, how a streaming platform might solve some of your organisation's issues, or are about to start a proof-of-concept? Or have you already made the decision to implement a streaming data platform and now want to understand the basics, have still open questions, or have encountered first challenges?

In the Fast Data workshop we get together for one to two days. I bring you up to speed in terms of the basic knowledge required to successfully implement a streaming data platform. We answer any questions you might have, and we can take deep dives into the concepts and the technology according to your needs. If you wish, we can build the first blocks of the platform together.


  • Basics: Data Management, Streaming, Events
  • Activities, components and setting up a Fast Data platform with Apache Kafka
  • Data modeling with events and Avro
  • Implementing and integrating Microservices via event streams
  • Setting up a cluster for scaling and redundancy
  • Choice of secondary databases, long term storage, search index
  • Security, data protection, data governance
  • Operations, monitoring, cloud vs. on-premises
  • Plus topics from your wishlist

We agree on individual topics for your workshop in a call beforehand.

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