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Custom Software Development and Consulting

Project-based development of custom software

  • Data Engineering with Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Hadoop, cloud technology, and more
  • Microservices with Scala, Playframework, Streaming frameworks

Available for new projects: 2021

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Workshops about modern data architectures

Architecture and technology selection for complex data systems

Many IT initiatives covering Big Data, Data Warehouse, Analytics, Integration, Cloud, or Microservices fail due to exceeding costs, or an architecture that is fragile, hard to maintain and understand for new developers. However, if an architecture fits the requirements, uses the right technology for the job, and avoids wrong choices right at the beginning of a project, if can be a investment into the future of the company with big returns. Scalability, flexibility, maintainability, developer productivity and onboarding, are some of the main tenets. In this workshop, based on many years of my professional experience as a software developer and data engineer, I give you an overview over modern data architectures so you will be able to design and implement an architecture suiting your organisation's individual needs.

  • Data architecture and infrastructure: Data Lake, Big Data, Fast Data,
  • Desing and implementation of a Fast Data / event streaming platform
  • Choosing the right technologies and cloud services for Data Lakes, Streaming, Data Warehouse, databases, programming languages
  • Data modeling, microservice architecture

▸ Additionally I'm offering online consulting. You can book me on an hourly basis and I answer all of your questions regarding data and microservice architecture, choice of technology, tools.

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