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Cognotekt GmbH

Scala, Python, scikit-learn, Pandas, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Vault, Kubernetes

Helped develop a system that classifies tenancy agreements using automatic linguistic analyses, and detects and extracts relevant information. Designed and implemented the messaging architecture. Developed purely functional microservices in Scala, and Machine Learning components in Python.

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

Scala, Playframework, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Postgres

Designed and implemented a central streaming platform for web tracking events. Developed a custom recommender and personalization engine on top of it. Integrated into webshop, app, newsletter, and more services.

Parf├╝merie Douglas GmbH

Scala, Akka, Playframework 2.5, Spark Streaming, Kafka, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, Scala.js, ReactJS

Designed and implemented a central streaming data hub from the ground up, including a realtime dashboard for technical and business monitoring.

Webtrekk GmbH

Scala, Playframework 2.0, Akka, Apache Spark, Couchbase, AngularJS, Ansible

Developed a realtime bidding system from scratch for advertising, enabling the company to enter new markets. Built analytics system to evaluate campaign performance, including jobs, job pipeline, and near-realtime view. Also used for ad-hoc analyses by data science department.

HolidayCheck AG, Schweiz

Scala, Storm, Akka, Kafka, Hadoop, MongoDB, Scalding, AngularJS, D3

Set up a BigData lake from the ground up. Developed pipelines to calculate KPIs and display them on dashboards and spreadsheets.

Deutsche Telekom, Zentrum Mehrwertdienste

Scala, Playframework 2.0, MongoDB, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap

Hired by Deutsche Telekom to develop an event sponsoring market place from scratch to explore new business areas. Introduced Lean Startup processes to establish intrapreneurship program. Coordinated between developers, marketing and product owners.

Haystagg GmbH

Scala, Playframework 2.2, Akka, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap, D3

Full-stack development of all aspects of the front-end and the backend for customer access and management console of a real-time bidding (RTB) system.

Playframework Safari Tools


ReactiveMongo REST interface

Scala, Playframework, ReactiveMongo, MongoDB

Play Basics

Storm Topology DSL

Scala, Storm

Play Angular RequireJS seed

Scala, Playframework, WebJars, JavaScript, AngularJS, RequireJS

Extension of the Play JSON library

Extension of the JSON library Circe

Extension of the serialisation library Twitter Bijection.

Spark Jobserver

JAX Magazine

Article "Dependency Injection in the Playframework".

Intro to Apache Spark

Technical reviewer of Learning Play! Framework 2


German blog about Data Engineering and Scala.


English blog about Data Engineering and Scala.


My answers on Stackoverflow, mainly Apache Spark, Playframework, and Scala.