PlayBasics Updated for Play 2.3.2

Over the weekend I have updated most of the PlayBasics projects to the latest version of the Playframework, 2.3.2. This includes the move to sbt-web and its plugins.

You can find the entire repository here.

The action composition code has moved to a new sub-folder, ActionComposition, and I hope to update it to include some 2.3 additions. Additionally I want to show how to do composition on the Result level.

You’ll also note the folder AsyncScala, this is the code for a blog post about handling asynchronous computations in Play I intended to write but never found the time to do so. The code isn’t complete either, but I’ll continue to extend it.

As a bonus, PlayBasics itself is now an sbt root project with every blog-specific folder as a sub-project. I’ve added some explanatory comments as well. I think you cannot build any serious Play app without dividing it into sub-projects, so please check it out.

I’m planning a series of blog posts about sbt-web and some sbt basics. If you want to know how to write an sbt-web plugin right now, I recently gave a talk about sbt-web in which I live-coded a simple sbt-web plugin. You can find its code including many comments here.

A lot of work is also going into play-angular-require-seed, my starter application for AngularJS, RequireJS, and Play. Thanks to the many contributors who helped improve it.


2 comments on “PlayBasics Updated for Play 2.3.2
  1. Heming says:

    What IDE do you use for multi-project play development? I use intelliJ but have never been successful with play since 2.3. There is always some dependency resolution issues here and there.


    • marius says:

      I use IntelliJ IDEA 14 and am quite happy with it. The latest Scala plugin works pretty well for me. Resolution issues can sometimes be resolved by deleting the .idea folder and reimporting the project.

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