What I like / dislike about the iPad

I’ve been an iPad user right from the beginning and been using iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Air 2. So here are my collected thoughts about it.


  • More “intuitive” (yes, there is no such thing as intuitive), let’s say more consistent abstractions which are easier to learn for everybody (see how fast a child or old person can learn to use it)
  • Very nice on the couch, on the train, when travelling in general
  • On the Mac I never play a game, on the iPad I do (especially Simpsons Tapped Out, add me as your neighbor, spybreak717)
  • Retina display is just great


  • There’s a global mute, which does not mute all applications however; you always have to both mute and set the volume to zero, which is quite bad
  • Volume is not loud enough
  • App switching is a pain, WebOS did that much better (fixed since iOS 7)
  • Synching is often inconsistent, iCloud has improved this a little but has brought other problems with it
  • iTunes integration just plain sucks
  • Has problems with certain WLANs
  • Not suitable for reading books compared to Kindle; drains power too quickly and you cannot use this device when outside
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